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Lucky draw is valid from 12 pm July 14th to 12 pm July 27th IST.
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Loading lucky draw results…

Rules for Lucky Draw:

  • You will get 3 lucky draw chances to win a free OnePlus Buds after clicking ‘Notify Me’.  
  • To earn extra lucky draw chance, share this page via social media by clicking on ‘Earn an extra chance'. 
  • 20 winners will be randomly selected. We will send a notification email/message to the winners. Winners list will also be announced on this page at 12pm, July 28th IST.  
  • Notification of the result for the lucky draw will be shown on the page after your participation. Vouchers for the free OnePlus Buds will be sent to the OnePlus accounts of the lucky draw winners
  • You can participate in the lucky draw from 12 pm July 14th to 12 pm July 27th IST.


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