OnePlus 11 Series 5G

Marble Odyssey
16GB RAM + 256 GB Storage
Eternal Green
16GB RAM + 256 GB Storage
Titan Black
8GB RAM + 128 GB Storage
Full Price ₹64,999 ₹61,999 ₹56,990
No Cost EMI ₹3,879 ₹5,549 ₹4,750
Early Upgrades EMI ₹2,411 ₹2,328 ₹2,140
35% on Full Price ₹21,064 ₹20,092 ₹18,472
Early Upgrades EMI
With Exchange
₹1,499 ₹1,499 ₹1,499
OnePlus Easy Upgrades Customer FAQs & T&C
1. Where can I avail the program?

This is a OnePlus Retail store exclusive program.

Please visit your closest OnePlus store and ask your store manager.

2. What are the main conditions of the scheme?

- Customer must purchase this under ICICI Credit Cards.

- Customer must avail an 18M No Cost EMI.

- Customer must make a payment of 35% on the 19th month.

- 100% of the Swipe Amount will be blocked on the Credit Card.

- EMI will be converted only on 65% of the swipe amount.

3. Can the Customer return the product prior to 18 Months?

- Customer can return the product anytime before 18 months.

- Please note the Assured Value by Cashify before the same.

- Customer will also be allowed to avail a higher market value if required. 

Time elapsed from date of purchase

Assured % on transaction amount

3-6 Months


9-12 Months


15-18 Months



- Customer will still have to complete the EMI for 18 Months.

- Customer is not suggested to but can have the option to foreclose the EMI prior to 18 months at the fees applicable by the bank. 

4. How do I upgrade to the next generation?

- Customer upon returning the OnePlus 11 5G between 15-18 months can avail similar scheme with the next generation flagship at minimum additional cost.

5. What are the benefits of this scheme?

- Customer is always up to date with the latest flagship device.

- Customer gets to own a device at the lowest per monthly cost similar to a subscription service.

6. What are the existing offers which can be included in this program?

- Exchange and Exchange Bonus is applicable on the program.

- No Minimum Transaction value will be applicable on the program.

- No Instant Bank Discount and Price Drops will be applicable on the program. 

7. Who are the service providors under the program?

- ICICI Bank provides the EMI facility.

- Cashify is providing the Assured BuyBack Program under the program.