How to Cool Down An Overheating OnePlus Phone

1. It is normal when the device gets slightly hot when you open too many apps at the same time, try to close apps running in the background. Click the Recent button, and then:

Close an app: Swipe the app up to the top edge of the screen.

Close all apps: Click the button icon to clean up the list.

2. It may also be a bit hot when syncing large data to a cloud account, it is recommended to turn off auto-sync data, go to [Settings]-[Google]-[Backup],than enable [Back up to Google Drive](for Android O ,please go [Settings]-[Backup&reset]-[Back up my data]-[off]), you can back up your data manually .

3. Playing games and watching videos requires more resource from the phone and not only can it consume a lot of power but also it can cause the phone to get warmer over time. You need to stop using the phone and let it rest for some time.

4. The phone may produce more heat when you are using mobile data or making calls in a weak signal area, it is recommended to try in one location with a good signal.

5. It's normal for the phone to slightly get warm during charging, but if it exceeds the normal operating range, stop charging immediately and let the phone cool down, refer to 'What should you do if your phone gets hot while charging.

6. Try to update your phone to the latest software version and reboot phone.

7. If this issue still exists, reset your device after back up, go to [Settings]-[System]-[Reset options]-[Erase all data (Factory reset)] (For Android O: [Settings]- [Backup &reset]-[Factory data reset]-[Reset phone]).

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