Bluetooh(OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Series)

Unable to connect with Bluetooth

1. The device shows that the Bluetooth connection icon is there but it is disconnected. Try rebooting TV and reconnect.

2. If it is the same Bluetooth you once connected before and the error message shows wrong PIN code when reconnecting. Please cross check if the issue occurs with any other Bluetooth device. If it happens the same on other devices the root cause might be due to compatibility. Please try to update the OS of the TV.

  • Check if the Bluetooth device is available for pairing.

  • If Bluetooth device has paired earlier but it’s not working, you should cancel the paired device and try to re-scan the connection.

Bluetooth automatic disconnection

If the connected device is automatically disconnected.

1. Check it in which situation it occurs. Is it far away from Bluetooth devices?

2. Make sure the Bluetooth device is fully charged.

No sound while using Bluetooth to play music

The device shows Bluetooth has connected successfully, but the connected device has no sound when using.

1. Please check if the earphone or speaker intact , connected and are working on other devices when connected.

2. Please cross-check if the issue is solved after reboot.

3. Try TV Reset -> Settings -> More Settings-> Reset ensure to backup data before reset.

Other issues related to Bluetooth

The TV is stuck while playing music/video, try to turn off the Wi-Fi to check if the issue persists.

Check if it is too far away from the Bluetooth device during use (the distance should not exceed 10M).

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