OnePlus × Hasselblad
A Legacy of Excellence
It all begins with a simple thought
The Hasselblad Story
The exceptional image quality of Hasselblad sets them apart from all other camera makers. For 80 years, Hasselblad’s cameras have captured some of the most iconic moments in history – from impactful portraits to man’s first steps on the moon. By partnering with Hasselblad, we bring you true-to-life colors for unbelievable image quality.
The pursuit of perfection starts with just a thought.
A partnership born from a shared vision for excellence.
Bold and provocative, 'Never Settle' means never compromising.
Hasselblad Ambassadors with OnePlus
Hasselblad Ambassadors embody the spirit of perfection, achieving mastery and recognition within their photographic fields. We showcase the innovative work of luminaries who have transformed images into inspirational, human-centered stories.
Exceptional design meets pioneering tech
OnePlus and Hasselblad share the same fundamental desire – to produce better products. Through this partnership, we’re able to combine advanced technology from OnePlus with the in-depth experience of Hasselblad, bringing you a mobile photography experience unlike any other.
“We believe in the power of images and our mission is to continue pushing the boundaries on imaging technology.”
The OnePlus Community is defined by its passion for creativity.
Powered by the flagship Hasselblad Camera for Mobile, discover the perfect meeting place for amateur and professional mobile photographers who never settle. Sign up and share Your Best Shot.

OnePlus Created the OnePlus 9 Series with a Premium Camera Maker