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OnePlus TV U&Q Series OTA (Software upgrade)


  • What interfaces does OnePlus TV have?

    OnePlus TV Y Series 40Y1:
    HDMI 1.4 x2、Ethernet x1、 RF input x1、 USB 2.0 x2、Optical x1、AV in(RCA) x1.

    OnePlus TV U Series 50U1S:
    HDMI 2.0 x2、Ethernet x1、 RF input x1、 USB 2.0 x2、Optical x1、AV in x1.

    OnePlus TV U Series 55U1S&65U1S:
    HDMI 2.0 x3(support CEC, HDMI1 support eARC)、Ethernet x1、 RF input x1、 USB 2.0 x2、Optical x1、AV in x1.

  • What Bluetooth protocol does OnePlus TV support?

    V2.1/3.0/4.2/5.0 BLE Bluetooth protocol.

  • What is the size of memory and flash memory?

    OnePlus TV Y Series 40Y1: 1GB RAM+8GB ROM

    OnePlus TV U1S Series: 2GB RAM+16GB ROM

  • How to connect to the network?

    You can quickly configure the wireless network for this model via the OnePlus Connect APP, and also enter the network configuration via Settings->Network.

  • What's the screen size of OnePlus TV?

    40Y1 inch,100.3cm

    50U1S inch,125.7cm

    55U1S inch,138.7cm

    65U1S inch,163.8cm

  • Does it support voice control?

    Yes, this model is built in with Google Assistant.

    Your could short press the microphone button and start talking. Make sure the remote had paired via bluetooth with your OnePlus before using.

  • Does it support Dolby sound?

    OnePlus TV Y Series 40Y1: Support dolby audio.

    OnePlus TV U1S Series: Support dolby audio and atmos.

  • Customers are facing problems while casting the device to OnePlus TV.

    Ensure your OnePlus TV and mobile under the same network.

    Method1: Launch VOD apps firstly, then tap the "CAST" icon on APP playing page, such as Youtube/Zee5/Prime Video.
    Method2: Connect "CONNECT" app in piror, then tap settings to invoke Miracasting, then whole wallpage and content will be streamed to TV Panel.

  • While connecting to alexa through bluetooth the alexa option is not showing on OnePlus TV.

    Please add your OnePlus TV into Alexa account first:

    1. Launch Alexa app on your mobile then login your Amazon account.
    2. Bound your OnePlus TV into device list.
    3. Make sure your OnePlus TV and Alexa echo under same network environment.
    4. "Hi Alexa" to trigger OnePlus TV on/off.
    5. For more deatils please refer to user guideline"How to use Alexa on OnePlus TV".

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