OnePlus × Fortnite | 90 FPS on the OnePlus 8 Series


Fortnite at 90 FPS for the first time on a smartphone
Boost your Fortnite experience with smoother gameplay.

Introducing the new Fortnite Bhangra Boogie Emote, first on OnePlus devices* 
*OnePlus 3 & later devices
Discover the Fluid Display
Smoother gameplay with the best display technology on the OnePlus 8 Series, offering 50% higher refresh rates than console gaming* and up to 240 Hz touch sampling rates. Witness 90 Hz refresh rates on Fortnite for the time on any smartphone.
*Compared to PlayStation 4 & Xbox One
Unleash Next Level Performance 
Experience blazing speed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and up to 12 GB of RAM at maximum settings, offering real-time response & Smart 5G. 
Charge Forward
Stay cool and play on with Warp Charge. Our fast charging technology gets you up to 50% power in under 30 minutes while reducing heat build-up.
Launch Game Space
Access all your favorite games through the Game Space app. Turn on Fnatic Mode to boost CPU & GPU performance and eliminate notifications, allowing you to game on without distractions.

Immerse Yourself
Hear precise, multi-directional sound with Dual Speakers featuring Dolby Atmos Support. Improved haptic drivers offer tactile gaming at your fingertips, putting you right in the action.