OnePlus Summer Launch Event

July 16, 2024 | 6:30 PM IST
OnePlus Summer
Launch Event
Hit “Notify Me” and share with your friends to add up to 10 OnePlus Nord 4 devices and more to the prize list! Stand a chance to win a OnePlus Nord 4 at no cost.
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Rules & Prizes

1. Every user has 1 chance to participate. After you got 'Notified', you will be the participant of the 'More Notify Me More Rewards Contest'.

2. You can participate in the contest from 6:30 PM IST, July 3rd to 6:30 PM IST, July 16th, 2024 (inclusive).

3. There are 4 milestones for Notify Me (10K, 30K, 60K and 100K). When hitting each milestone, different prize list will get unlocked and a new round of contest will start for all Notify Me users by the time. That is to say, users who hit 'Notify Me' earlier tend to have more chances to join the contest.

4. Participants who click on "Notify Me" during the “OnePlus Summer Launch Event More Notify Me More Award Contest” period have a chance to win one prize from the following:

- 1st milestone (the number of Notify Me reaches 10K): 1 OnePlus Nord 4 / 1 OnePlus Nord Buds 3 Pro

- 2nd milestone (the number of Notify Me reaches 30K): 2 OnePlus Nord 4 / 3 OnePlus Watch 2R

- 3rd milestone (the number of Notify Me reaches 60K): 3 OnePlus Nord 4 / 2 OnePlus Pad 2

- 4th milestone (the number of Notify Me reaches 100K): 4*OnePlus Family Bundle(a bundle includes 1 OnePlus Nord 4, Pad 2, Watch 2R and Nord Buds 3 Pro each)

5. After each Notify Me milestone is reached, winners will be randomly selected from all eligible participant during the contest period.

The prizes will be issued as Gift Coupons to winners' OnePlus accounts directly after winners selected and can be seen in the 'My Coupon' section.

7. Winners will be notified via SMS, WhatsApp, or email, depending on the contact information provided during login (phone number or email).

8. For detailed terms and conditions, please check in the link:
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Discover the Early Bird Benefits!
360° Display
OnePlus Nord 4
OnePlus Nord 4 commits 6 years of fast and smooth
The Only Metal Unibody 5G Smartphone on the Market
Get 4 Android OS updates and 6 years of security updates, the longest on a OnePlus.
Enjoy 6-year "worry-free" software and security.
Even as all-metal phone designs disappeared in the 5G era, metal remained a symbol of design excellence. We have continued to shape our world with it - unlocking boundless possibilities on an unimaginable scale. Few things express the strength of human vision like metal can, reforging bold purpose into design perfection. Metal is boldness given form. Metal endures.
This is OnePlus Nord 4. All-metal slimness that shatters barriers. Almost impossibly smooth curves. Always sleek yet insanely strong. The future is metal.
The claim of being the only metal unibody 5G smartphone on the market refers specifically to OnePlus' sales regions, and not all global markets.
Fast and Smooth reimagined
Longest software commitment
The Slimmest Nord Ever
Design that defies limits
Mercurial Silver
Obsidian Midnight

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Shhh-eer Silence
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Battery Life that Keeps on Rocking
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It's Time to Move
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Modern Design with Vintage Flair
Your Tireless Life Companion
Track Your Health Like a Pro

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