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Quiz Rules

OnePlus Summer Quiz

Win RedCoins as you answer these questions based on OnePlus and all new OnePlus Nord CE 5G & OnePlus TV U1S,

Quiz Rules:
1. Each round comprises of 5 questions
2. You can play the quiz twice a day, however you can get an extra attempt by sharing the quiz with other Red Cable Club members
3. The questions have 3 difficulty levels, and you can win RedCoins as per the following allocation:

  Easy = 50 RedCoins
  Medium =100 RedCoins
  Hard =150 RedCoins

4. You must answer 40% of the answers correctly in the current level to advance to the next one
5. The quiz will be live from 8th-18th June
6. Red Cable Pro uses will have a special privilege of winning 2X RedCoins

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Quiz will begin at 8 AM (IST).

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