It all started with the first red cable.

It empowered anything that it was connected to and bound a group of dreamers and pioneers to create the most enthusiastic and driven community in the technology industry.

Audio, Watch & Tablets coupon
(min. order Rs. 1999)
Rs.100 OFF Rs.350 OFF Rs.800 OFF Rs.1200 OFF
RCC Members' Day
RedCoins Rewards 25 RedCoins on device linking 25 RedCoins on device linking 25 RedCoins on device linking
25 RedCoins every month
(first 10,000 users)
50 RedCoins every month
3-Month Extended Warranty
(requires device linking)
OnePlus Phone coupon
(requires device linking)
Offline experiences & privileges
Partner Benefits
Cases & Protection coupon Up to Rs. 1299 off
Linked Device Benefits

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What does RCC member get access to?

Monthly Activity Calendar

Check out what's in store for the Members every month!

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RedCoins Center (Privé)

The RedCoins Center (Privé) is now open for every RCC member! Explore more about RedCoins.

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Red Cable Club Day

Celebrate Red Cable Day with us every 17th &18th

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OnePlus Featuring

A space that strives to "improve the quality of your digital life" and renovate your imagination of technology products

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The Power of Community

Our biggest community-driven project has the ambitious goal of bringing the concept of co-creation to life.

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What's Red Cable Club / RCC?

Red Cable Club is a collection of people who never settle. With this identity, you will be able to enjoy and even co-create more technological experience with OnePlus and other Red Cable Club members

How to become one of the Red Cable Club members?

All you need is a OnePlus Account, which could be used to earn RedCoins, and chat with other members while enjoying member-only benefits! More is yet to discover for you

What are Red Cable Experience Points?

Red Cable Experience Points help user upgrade membership and can be earned through purchases and engagement activities across OnePlus platforms including and Red Cable Club app

The Experience Points expiry varies from task to task. Please refer to the Experience Points rules for details.

What are RedCoins?

RedCoin is a measure of engagement currency that a user can accumulate through various engagement initiatives and use them on Red Cable Privé to access exclusive benefits.