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Correct Answers of Last Week
1. If I bought the OnePlus Band from OnePlus Store App, in which situation can I ask for a replacement?

Only when I discover a physical defect within 15 Days of delivery

2. If I bought the OnePlus Band from OnePlus Store App, which steps should I take before I ask for a replacement ?

Step one:  Check if it has a physical defect
Step two: Report it to OnePlus Contact Centre within 24 hours of delivery

Step three: Get inspection done in repair centers and verify as logical defect

3. Which one is the OnePlus Warp Charge 'Type-C to Type-C' Cable ?
4. What will you receive when you subscribe to our newsletter?

1. Get notified of products deals

2. Follow up about weekly and monthly events, like OnePlus Fridays

3. First-hand official information of all new products

5. What can you find in the OnePlus Store app?

1. App exclusive coupons and discounts.
2. Weekly and monthly events like "Win OnePlus Products Daily".
3. First-hand official information about all our new products.
4. Products deals.
5. Informative articles on various topics.
6. After-sales services and support on device usage.

6. What can you find in the "Compare All Phone/TV Models" page?

1. Appearance of each phone in different colors.
2. Performance, memory capacity and battery life.
3. Outstanding features of each Phone/TV.
4. Specific parameters for tech enthusiasts.
5. Quick look at the size and weight.

7. To choose the right OnePlus device, which of the following steps shall you take?

Step one:  Click on Phone/TV on the OnePlus homepage to get to Phone/TV category page.
Step two:  Click on the “Compare All TV/Phone Models” button on the category page.
Step three:  Choose the two devices you want to compare.
Step four:  Compare the details of the two devices and then choose the perfect one for you!

8. How can you get discounts on OnePlus Store App or on our official websites?

1. Through OnePlus education benefits for university students and teachers.

2. By using unique voucher codes for specific products.

3. By downloading the OnePlus Store App and enjoying App exclusive vouchers.

4. Special price drop on OnePlus Fridays and other holidays.

5. By inviting friends to get vouchers.

6. Verifying your company account to get a corporate disocunt.

9. Where can we watch the recap of the launch live stream?

A. On the live stream page.

10. How to have a quick look at the features of #OnePlus9Series?

A. Go to the “Compare OnePlus 9 Series” page.

11. How to get notified when OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9R go on sale?

B. Hit “Notif me” on the purchase pages of OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9R.

12. When will the OnePlus 9 5G and OnePlus 9R 5G go on sale?

On April 14th at 12 PM.

13. Where can you compare the latest 9 Series phones with other OnePlus phones?

On “compare all phone models” page.


14. What benefits do you get from the OnePlus X Hasselblad partnership?

1. Professional photography experience in your pocket.

2. Creative shutter sound.

15. Which one of these features is an Industry First in the OnePlus 9 5G?

1. Hasselblad Pro Mode and Nightscape Mode provide effortless control and image customization options.

2. The popular OxygenOS 11 introduces new features and a refreshed UI.

3. Even more powerful dual stereo speakers deliver an intense, lifelike 3D sound soundscape.

16. Which one of these makes OnePlus 9R 5G the ideal Gaming Phone?

1. Game-changing 5G connectivity.

2. Powered by the new Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 870 which raises the standard for mobile performance.

3. An enhanced cooling system.

4. UFS 3.1 technology ensures write speeds are up to 3 times faster than UFS 3.03.

17. Which of these makes OnePlus Watch outstanding?

 1. Each watch individually hand-polished provides refined elegance.

 2. Warp charge and efficient power management power your life in less.

 3. Seamless connectivity for OnePlus products.

 4. 4 GB storage sets your music smartphone-free for all your favorite beats.

 5. Multiple functions make it your best workout partner.

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