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1. Every user has 1 chance to participate.
2. You can participate in the contest from March 11th to April 1st, 2024.
3. Winners will be randomly selected. Contest results will be shown on the page after your participation.
4. There are free new OnePlus Nord products and brand new nord cases to be won. All winnings will reflect in your OnePlus accounts post announcement
5. The prizes are valid for 1 months after they are claimed and no extensions will be given. Terms&Conditions URL:
6. OnePlus team can reach out to you via email / text message / WhatsApp to inform you regarding promotional & regular offers.

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How to participate in the event?
Please use your OnePlus mobile phone to link your device and participate in this RCC members exclusive event.
Please link your device and participate in this RCC members exclusive event.
Participation methods:
1. Open your OnePlus mobile phone and click on Red Cable Club from settings, click on the event banner and link device.
2. Scan the following QR code with your OnePlus device to participate in the event directly.
Tips: If you can't open the RCC page, please update your system version or upgrade your RCC APP, if you need further help, please contact OnePlus customer service.
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Why buy from the OnePlus Store?
Why buy from
the OnePlus Store?
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Upto 90% off on Protection Package!
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Enjoy Nord CE4 exclusive benefits at just ₹269
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