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For Coolest Gaming Experience
OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler
Engineered for gamers
Improving e-sports gaming experience
18W Input with Military-Grade Cooling material
The cooling input power in the all-new OnePlus Phone Cooler is 18W full-powered version so you can have an immersive gaming experience.

Enjoy a stable, full-frame-rate gaming experience from start to finish.

The phone cooler comes with dual thermoelectric coolers (Dual TECs) with an ultra-high energy efficiency ratio, 284 PN Junctions, 1800mm² super large cooling plate & 20% improved energy efficiency.
Note: 20% improved energy efficiency refers to comparting the product with a commonly used 07104-TEC cooling sheet.
Cooling Ceiling
The cooler is equipped with customized tornado radiators and 1000 series aluminum alloys with thermal conductivity. The conductivity of the heat-dissipating aluminum material is as high as 200W/mK so that your phone stays cool throughout your gaming sessions.
Curated for Convenience
The product is compatible with most of the smartphones available across.
Note: The phone cooler was carefully curated after testing it with over 170 mobile phones, making it compatible with most phones available on the market.

Safety at its Finest

Additional Information

Tech Specs
Product Model


Product Color

Freezing White

Input Port


Input Power


Min. Input Power


Product Size

4.1cm x 8.7cm x 5.7cm

Clamping Width

7cm – 8.2cm

Product Material

PC, aluminum alloy, silicone

In the Box

Phone Cooler x 1
Type-A to Type-C Cable x 1
Manual/warranty card x 1

Adaptability of OnePlus power adapter



QC 18W


OnePlus Warp Charge 30W

Power Adapter




OnePlus Warp Charge 65W

Power Adapter Type-A




OnePlus Warp Charge 65W

Power Adapter Type-C















1.Most other brand's QC 18W adaptors in the market could work well with OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone.

2.When using this product, please use an adapter that complies with the QC 18W protocol to ensure normal operation of the Phone Cooler. If you use a 10W adapter, the heat dissipation effect will be reduced. If you use a 5W adapter, the Phone Cooler will have insufficient power to run.

Phone Cooler Indicator Light Status Description

Indicator Light






18W Input

Normal Working State



10W Input

Reduced Working State

Flashing Blue (quick),

0.5 seconds interval


Fan Stuck


When a foreign body gets stuck in the fan, the cooling sheets stop working, and enters safety mode.


Flashing Blue (quick),

0.2 seconds interval


High Temperature Protection

When the air inlet or outlet is blocked, causing the temperature of the rear clip to be too high, the fan and cooling sheets stop working and it enters safety mode.


1. The product images are for reference only. The surface pattern effect of the product may differ due to different lighting and other reasons. Some product specifications and descriptions may change due to supplier replacement and other reasons. Please refer to the actual product.
2. The description and design involved in the above are all derived from our company's design technical parameters, laboratory and supplier test data. Actual experience may vary slightly depending on the test software version, the specific test environment, and the specific product version.
3. The test results are derived from our design laboratory, and actual experience may vary due to differences with the test environment and different software versions.
4. Noise test conditions: background noise < 20dB, and the sound is detected from 30cm in front of the Phone Cooler.
5. In "18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler", 18W refers to the maximum working power of the Phone Cooler. Real-time power of the Phone Cooler is affected by the temperature difference between the two sides of the TEC. The moment the Phone Cooler starts, the temperature difference between the two sides of the TEC is 0, and the power of the Phone Cooler is the highest at this time. As the TEC starts working, the temperature difference between the two sides gradually increases, and the power of the Phone Cooler decreases. When the temperature difference is stable, the maximum power of the Phone Cooler is about 15W.
6. After the Phone Cooler is turned on, the fan will perform a self-test. The fan quickly starts and stops in an apparently "vibrating" manner, which is part of the normal operation of the Phone Cooler.
7. When the product is working, poor fitting or no load operation will cause condensation on the Phone Cooler, which is a normal phenomenon.
8. When you stop using this product, please remove the product from the mobile phone to avoid prolonged no load operation, which will cause condensation inside the mobile phone and case damage to it.
9. When the product is working, do not block the air inlet or use foreign objects to jam the fan.
10. When using the Phone Cooler to cool the phone, we recommend removing any protective case to achieve maximum cooling effect.
11. Do not place this product close to an open flame.
12. Do not disassemble, squeeze, puncture, modify this product or immerse it in water. While in operation, do not touch the product, the charging cable or adapter with wet hands.
13. This product contains moving fan blades. Please do not extend your fingers or other parts of your body into the Phone Cooler while using it.
14. Please keep this product out of children's reach.
15. Do not use mobile phones, laptops, tablets or desktop computer USB ports to power the Phone Cooler, as this may overload the USB ports and causing unexpected restarts. When the Phone Cooler detects a mobile phones or computer USB port, the fan and cooling sheets of the Phone Cooler will stop working, and it will enter safety mode with the indicator light flashing blue.
16. After the Phone Cooler is activated, it will detect if the connected adapter complies with the QC 18W protocol, and after about 2 seconds, the Phone Cooler lights up once the 18W protocol handshake is successful. When powering on while using a 10W adapter, there will be a 5 second protocol handshake. Individual adapters will need to go through separate protocol handshakes which take 5 - 10 seconds to complete.
17. The early version of the OnePlus Warp Fast Charge 30W power adapter, WC0506A1HK, does not support the OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler, which will enter safety mode upon detecting this, with the fan blades not spinning and the indicator light flashing blue.