OnePlus Ensemble Bundle



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OnePlus Ensemble
Seamlessly connect all the OnePlus products to one another for a smart and smooth experience

Cross screen transmission

After you can take pictures and videos with your phone, the tablet receives the phone image in real time and starts editing, helping to create more creativity.When using a tablet, you can also check your cell phone messages in time and get important notifications at a glance.

Dual connection

Connect and switch your OnePlus Buds between up to two Bluetooth devices, say your OnePlus smartphone & Pad, with ease.

Smooth, stable connectivity

With 54ms ultra-low latency, the OnePlus Buds ensures your Bluetooth streaming experience stays Fast and Smooth so you don’t miss a note of your playlist. Level up your smartphone gaming experience with active noise cancellation and customized sound profiles.

Fast that lasts

The OnePlus Pad unlocks a faster and easier digital life with Cellular Data Sharing. Skip the hotspot and share 5G mobile data with your phone under the same secure account. Communication is also a breeze with OTP chats on the tablet.